About Us

Hi! We are Dianne & Meo aka The Lablabs. We started a project last 2013, to dine in at different restaurants each month that both of us haven’t eaten before. To document all the restaurants we are going to visit and to keep track of our expenses–we decided to blog about it. Which means, we pay for all the foods that we share here. Please bear in mind that we are not really food bloggers. Our opinions here are very average. If we liked it, then we liked it. If we don’t, then we don’t. Simple.

By the way, we got married last December 2014! :)

Pictures are taken by Meo and the blogging is Dianne’s primary role. We also hope you get to try some of the restaurants we are going to feature in this blog. If you also have some recommendations for us or want to talk to us, just email us  : the[dot]lablabs[at]gmail[dot]com