Hokkaido Ramen Bangaichi

So, I’m not really sure what went to our mind when we decided to try this “ramen” joint one fine Friday. As you have read from the previous post, we were in awe and I still can’t get over the yumminess of that ramen house in Moa.

I know for a fact that Bangaichi is not an authentic ramen house based on the feel of the location already. Hehe.

Here’s the food that we ordered…


Shoyu Ramen – P280

Here’s my shoyu ramen that tastes like shoyu! Haha. That’s just it. The noodles are too thick for my liking and the meat.. I can’t even..


Miso Ramen – P310

This is my bf’s order and he turned into a poker face when he first sipped the soup. Haha. He doesn’t know if he’s eating a miso ramen or just an ordinary noodles with a little kick of spiciness. He also added Ajitsuke Tamago for P40.


Karaage – P220

For the karaage, I feel like they just fried it and didn’t put extra effort so it will taste like the usual karaages in other ramen houses.


Gyoza – P160

In fairness, I like the gyoza although you can’t compare its taste of the other tasty ones. It’s just right, but nothing too fancy.


Lol. I don’t know if I helped you decide if you should try this one. On to the next adventure………….


Hokkaido Ramen Bangaichi
L1 Robinsons Galleria Quezon City

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