Ramen Nagi

Better late than never to try Ramen Nagi! I’m not going to make any introductions for this ramen house, as lots of blogs already featured it. But I want to really point out why you MUST try it and who knows you’ll be a ramen lover right away!

First, it’s really delicious! End of discussion. Second, you can customize your order in any way you want! If you want your soup base to be light, then so be it! Third, the staff is nice! And lastly, go back to my first point!
IMG_6318My boyfriend and I went there around the afternoon with some of his siblings. I’ll just feature here what both of us ordered though. We all chose Butao anyway.IMG_6313If it’s your first time in any ramen house, particularly in Ramen Nagi, you might be in-shock due to the number of their staff inside. I kid you not, they’re more than ten when we were there considering that their space is not that huge. But, you will thank them for that because your orders will come fast. IMG_6314 IMG_6317Anyway, as I’ve said on my third point, the staff are nice. They were not just smiling at you, but they will take into consideration all your requests! First, we transferred twice before settling into “our” table. The girl manning outside already said that the table near the door is a little noisy as we will sit beside their “kitchen area” and every time the door will open, wind will smash into our face. Okay, that was exagg! But there’s literally winds that you will feel once they open it. They have tables outside, that’s why. So, we said yes, but then we realized it’s not the perfect spot for us. We transferred to another table when the people from the other table were already finished living their dreams. Lol. The manager(I think) also helped us transfer from one table to another. Haha. IMG_6322 IMG_6323 IMG_6315Here’s the paper that they will give you alongside with their other menu. They have chashu rice in case you’re wondering. But, they don’t have chicken karaage that time(?). Huhu. Please add chicken karaage!! Ramen + gyoza + chicken karaage is the perfect combination for us! Hehehe.

One thing that I also like from Ramen Nagi is that they already have a pitcher of water on each table. You’ll just ask them to refill it and that’s it. Haha. I’m so shallow. For me, I get annoyed when I have to ask water from the server. I mean, it’s given already that some people prefer plain water instead of the drinks they offer. And most of all, it’s annoying to always ask them for water because you already consumed the first that they gave in a small glass like a toddler will drink from it. Meh.

Okay, I’ll stop ranting…….On to the food… Nom nom nom..


Butao – P390

Basically, we all ordered Butao and just differed in the soup base, toppings, etc. I chose the safest one. I forgot to take a picture of what I have chosen, but from what I remember, I chose either Light or None. Haha. And it was glorious!! It only means that, no matter how light or rich the soup base and other stuff–they’ll still give you the best ramen you will ever taste. Okay, I’ll admit that this is now my favorite ramen house by far. I have to say goodbye to my first love. Hehe. This is one of the main reasons why I’m dreaming of going to Japan. Try the different ramen there! *It will happen* IMG_6311Ramen Nagi has their best seller Black King, but no one in our group tried to order it. Perhaps, there’s always a next time and I’m going to force the boyfriend to try it. Hehehe.


Gyoza – P190

Then, they also ordered Tamago(P50) and seaweed(P60). And of course, gyoza. This was a little disappointing for me. I mostly tasted the vegetables and I couldn’t determine if there’s meat inside. Can you please add more meat? Hehehe. It was still good, but I prefer more meat! :)


The beautiful chaos lol

So, how do I end this post? Invite you to try it? No! Don’t try it! Haha. Kidding aside, you have to go to Ramen Nagi as soon as possible! Just go there in an empty stomach so you can fully enjoy it. Harhar.


Ramen Nagi
158-159 J.W Diokno Blvd. Mall of Asia Pasay City

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