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One fine lunch, we decided to eat at Wildflour Cafe, because it was the first restaurant we saw at Podium upon entering the mall. Haha. So shallow! To be fair, we wanted to try it ever since they opened this branch and most especially when the cronuts were being sold out like hotcakes.

During lunch time, this restaurant is always full. I just don’t get why they chose that location in Podium though. It’s small and beside the escalator where you can’t really have the privacy. Haha. Imagine when we were eating our food, all the people taking the escalator were looking at the food. I feel like they’re snatching it away from their mind. Lol. Anyway, we went there before noon time, so there were still few available tables.

If you’re a person who loves rice in their meals, we suggest to skip this restaurant. Haha. But, for the sake of trying it out–go ahead and take at your own risk. Just kidding.

Let’s go ahead with the food…

imageThe first to arrive was this Compli Bread and it was divine! Err.


Breakfast BLT — P320

I ordered this Breakfast BLT that contains Gruyere, egg, bacon, lettuce and tomato. You can opt to choose your side dish either chips or lettuce. Well, what can I say with this one? The bread is unbelievably hard. I can’t even slice it with the bread knife. Haha. It’s good, but there’s nothing fancy about this dish. Is it my preference or the bread is really too hard for me? Lol. I honestly didn’t enjoy it.


Bacon Steak and Egg — P330

This was the order of the boyfriend. In fairness, for that bacon, it’s really delicious. When you have eaten it, you might want to dream about pairing it with steamed rice. But well.. No, you can’t. Lol.


Roasted Chicken Salad — P160 (Half)

This was also boyfriend’s chosen salad and I didn’t get to enjoy it too much. It was not really the best one, but for sure the salad lovers will like this!


Green Tea Mojito — P130

This one has pineapple and basil, but it tasted ordinary. -_-


Vietnamese Latte — P160 (Large)

For this hot drink, this is superb! This is how lattes should taste! Haha. And what I also loved about it was the mug itself! Lol.

Anyway, to summarize our experience.. It was okay, but nothing outstanding. But, for sure some really like what Wildflour has to offer. I mean, hello, when they opened years ago, people are lining up just to eat here and fast forward till now–it is still full especially during peak hours.

So yeah, go check them out. Haha. It’s not too late. :p


Wild Flour Bakery
G/F The Podium ADB Ave. Ortigas Center Mandaluyong City

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